Know More About Smart City 了解智能城市

What is a Smart City? 什麽是智能城市

Smart City uses Internet of Things (IoT) to provide efficient city operations while improving the living standard of the city. It uses different sensors and electronic methods to collect and share data over the Internet. It also provides a better quality of government service and citizen welfare.


## Advantages of Smart City (智慧城市的好處) + More effective, data-driven decision-making (作出更加有效、數據驅動的決定) + Enhanced citizen and government engagement (加強公民和政府的參與) + Safer communities (更加安全的社區) + Reduced environmental footprint (減少環境足跡) + Improved transportation (改善交通)

This smart city course focuses on using Micro:bit open source hardware, sensor modules, programming and laser cutting technology. It is designed to let the readers build a city model on their own, understand the characteristics and principles of sensors, learn to program makecode, and use sensors to achieve the intelligent automation of city operation.

本智慧城市課程側重於使用 Micro:bit 開源硬件、傳感器模塊、編程和激光切割技術。 旨在讓讀者自行搭建城市模型,了解傳感器的特點和原理,學習編寫makecode,利用傳感器實現城市運行的智能化自動化。